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2023 Spring Issue

What Will YOU Inspire?

Here, you can find stories about how your support makes an impact, not only on the U of I campus but across the state of Idaho. Click here to learn how you can transform the lives of our students and serve the needs of all Idahoans for years to come.

David ’70 and Mary Alice “M.A.” ’69 Poe are among the most dedicated University of Idaho alumni you’ll ever meet.

They’ve been loyal U of I supporters for over 27 years, funding scholarships in the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) for students to study abroad, and enhancing the experience of Vandal student-athletes, among other extraordinary efforts.

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In addition to being proud donors, David and M.A. have also sought other ways to ensure that U of I continues to be the premier university in the state and region. They have served in volunteer leadership roles, helping to create the CLASS advisory board. David served as Chair of the Investment Committee for the University of Idaho Foundation and most recently, he is chairing our new Blended Giving Committee.

A “blended gift” is one that includes both current support for U of I students along with a gift in your will or other estate plans to support future Vandals. After naming the university foundation as a beneficiary of their living trust, David and M.A. were inspired by the notion that they could impact lives of students today, while also creating an enduring legacy with U of I through blended giving. In their words:

“Our blended gift allows us to see the benefits of current giving through the eyes of recipients, yet allows us to endow scholarships into the future through a deferred endowment program.”

For the Poes, giving new students the opportunity to experience everything that a U of I education has to offer is their way of showing their appreciation for all that they received during and after their time at the university.

“Neither of us had any idea, while we were at U of I, that we would have such a fulfilling life with so many experiences to live in a variety of places, including abroad, and to meet and work with so many talented people throughout our careers.”

After seeing how rewarding blended giving can be, the Poes are now encouraging other supporters with a similar interest in advancing U of I programs for current and future generations of students to join them in making a blended gift.

When asked if they have any advice for alumni or other supporters who wish to get involved, they said:

“Give back through your time, experience and treasure. Contributing your treasure allows you to provide scholarships in areas in which you have an interest or passion. It is wonderful to see the impact that it has on students who have been scholarship recipients.”

If you want to learn more about making an impact through blended giving, contact us at giftplanning@uidaho.edu today to get started. We would be thrilled to assist you in making a difference for the next generation of leaders by supporting a U of I college or program that is most meaningful to you.

The University of Idaho’s annual Celebration of Scholarships event brought together student scholarship recipients for a panel discussion about how scholarship support has impacted their lives. As attendees learned, many of these students and their peers would not have been able to attend college at all without the generosity of U of I scholarship supporters like you.

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Kicking off the event, Dean of Students Blaine Eckles shared a compelling story about one student who came to him last semester, worried he would have to withdraw because he could not afford to continue paying for college. This student came from a single-parent household where his father was in the military. Because they needed to use his father’s GI bill for his sibling as well, the student had run out of funding to finish his education.

Dean Eckles consulted the head of financial aid, and they were able to secure $4,000 in scholarship support for this student to pay for the expenses he could not cover. Now, thanks to supporters like you, he is on track to graduate next year.

In-person and virtual attendees alike were inspired and motivated by stories like these throughout the event. The students on the panel candidly shared their struggles, especially attending college in the era of COVID, but they also described the amazing things they’ve been able to accomplish along with their hopes for the future, all of which have been made possible because of the scholarships they secured.

In addition, several students spoke about the impact that scholarship support had not only on themselves, but also on their families. As senior Anthony Plummer shared:

“Having these scholarship opportunities has been a tremendous burden lifted off my family. It’s one less thing for them to have to stress about, and that makes me really happy and really grateful to everyone who donated.”

You can learn more about how scholarship support has impacted the lives of many other students like Anthony Plummer in the following video:

While many donors make current gifts toward scholarships, the largest scholarship gifts we receive most often come from the estates of Vandals who remembered the University of Idaho in their will, living trust or by beneficiary designation. This is largely because most people can make a more significant impact than they ever imagined when they make this kind of forward-looking gift.

If you wish to impact the lives of students like these, now and into the future, contact us at giftplanning@uidaho.edu to discover how you can give U of I students access to transformational educational opportunities.

If you’re like many University of Idaho supporters, then you likely care about the future of the university and want to ensure that generations of students have access to all of the opportunities that come with a world-class education from U of I.

Did you know you can accomplish this goal with a gift that doesn’t impact your finances now? Naming the University of Idaho as a beneficiary of your bank account, retirement plan or insurance policy is a simple, yet incredibly impactful way to make a lasting difference for U of I students.

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While a gift in your will is a very popular way to create your legacy with U of I, a beneficiary designation gift could be an even better option, as it doesn’t require a visit to a lawyer. You simply request a change of beneficiary form from your financial account or plan holder and provide them with our information. As with a gift in your will, you have the flexibility to update your beneficiaries at any time.

The other major advantage to this giving option is the potential tax savings. Retirement plans are notoriously burdensome for heirs, as your loved ones will have to pay tax on the distributions and may have to withdraw the funds within 10 years of receiving the account. By naming the University of Idaho as your beneficiary instead, you can reduce income and possibly estate taxes. As income taxes to your heirs on retirement assets can be as high as 37 percent, this means that a $100,000 IRA may only be worth $63,000 when it gets to your loved ones. As a result, it can often be smarter to use your retirement plan to support the future of U of I and choose other assets to provide your loved ones with an inheritance.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can learn more about beneficiary designations and other ways to make a lasting impact on our website. Or you can always feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Brave. Bold. A Promise to Idaho’s Students.

We are a university on the rise — an unstoppable force for positive impact. We have audacious goals, and we will achieve them together — as Vandals.

To reach our ambitious goals, the University of Idaho recently launched a comprehensive campaign called, “Brave. Bold. A Promise to Idaho’s Students,” focused on funding scholarships, experiential and hands-on learning opportunities and programming that supports job placement and career success.

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“There is a clear and urgent need to ensure more students in Idaho go to, and succeed in, college and beyond,” said U of I President Scott Green. “This campaign will focus on factors that drive student success, including reducing financial barriers and providing the skills and experiences our students need when they step into their jobs.”

To meet the changing needs of our students, community and state, the campaign will raise funds to provide a rigorous, supportive environment with robust out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities, ensure that every motivated student in Idaho who earns a coveted spot at the University of Idaho can enroll, thrive in their studies and graduate on time with less debt, and deliver an educational experience that develops the knowledge, skills and relevant experience to enter the workforce and excel in a successful and rewarding career.

“A college education is life changing. It can change an entire family tree and bolster a community,” said Clint Marshall ’97, one of the lead donors and volunteer chair of the campaign. “These donations can provide scholarships for those wanting to go to college.”

In addition, President Green said that industry and business leaders from throughout Idaho have told him that the need for an educated, skilled workforce is rapidly growing in the region. While scholarships are a cornerstone of the campaign’s vision, funding experiential learning opportunities will prepare students for rewarding careers and bolster U of I’s ability to meet the workforce demands of Idaho’s growing economy.

“We must stay laser-focused on finding new ways to strengthen our education system at all levels, including higher ed, not just to create opportunities for the students who are educated and trained here, but for the businesses that need them in our workforce,” said Brad Little ’77, Idaho Governor, at our campaign kickoff event.

We invite you to join this powerful movement by supporting the Brave. Bold. campaign today. Through your generosity, you can help shape the future of U of I, our students and our state.

As Governor Little says, “Being a Vandal stays with you forever.”

Brad Little, Idaho Governor and Vandal, helps officially kickoff the Brave. Bold. campaign starting at the 40-minute mark:

Did you know…

  • that you can save on taxes by giving appreciated stock to U of I?
  • that you can make tax-free gifts from your IRA if you are age 70 ½ or older?
  • that you can advise gifts from your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) to U of I – and name the university as a beneficiary of your DAF?

To learn more about any of these taxwise giving options, contact us at giftplanning@uidaho.edu.

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