Our Legacy Supporters

Our Legacy Supporters

Stories of People Like You

You’re part of the Vandal family. And now, meet people like you who have given a gift in their will, trust, or other accounts, creating their legacy of learning to sustain U of I for generations to come.

Annie Averitt

Why I Chose to Give

Being immersed in a supportive campus community, Annie Averitt received much more from her experience at the U of I than she ever thought possible.

Larry Baxter

Remembering Others With a Gift to U of I

Larry Baxter is giving back to U of I with gifts that honor two special individuals in his life: his father and a former classmate.

Mindy Belt ’85

Inspired to Give Back

Communications alumna Mindy Belt ’85 believes that a well-rounded education is the key to a successful career.

Tom and Carrie Bitterwolf

Leaving a Legacy at University of Idaho

When I came to the University of Idaho 26 years ago, I had no inkling of the extent to which this university, my colleagues and my students would change me.

Roy Bowman

A Charitable Gift Annuity to U of I

For Roy Bowman, 1963 was a good year. After spending five years working in a lumber camp and two years at Boise Junior College, Roy came to the University of Idaho to finish his education.

John Burlison ’76

The Vernon Burlison Memorial Fund Impacts Diversity at U of I

John Burlison ’76 established the Vernon Burlison Memorial Fund in 1997 in memory of his late father, Vernon Burlison ’43, a professor emeritus in the College of Natural Resources.

Bob Costi

Bob Costi ’73 never takes a vacation from recruiting future Vandals. In fact, Costi recruits while on vacation.

Mary Jean Craig

CALS, Retired 4-H Extension Educator

Mary Jean Craig worked as an extension educator for the University of Idaho 4-H Cooperative Extension System for 23 years.

Matt and Lori Espe

Leading A Legacy

Supporting University of Idaho students, faculty, programs and facilities through private gifts is a solid investment in the investor’s philanthropic efforts, as well as the futures of those impacted, say alumni Matt and Lori Espe.

Jim and Dawn Fazio

35 Years of Giving: A Legacy of Loyalty

It was October 1976 when Jim and Dawn Fazio made their first gift of $25 to the University of Idaho. Jim was a relatively new assistant professor in the College of Natural Resources (CNR) at the University of Idaho.

Bud Ford

Inspiring the Future

Longtime supporters of the Vandal Athletics programs, Bud and June Ford, are inspired to help the University and its future.

David Giese

Master Sculptor and Collagist

David Giese, retiring art professor with the College of Art and Architecture, is known for his unique artistry in sculpting and collaging and for helping to bring the Mardi Gras celebration to downtown Moscow.

Tim and Joan Gutzwiller

Is the University of Idaho in YOUR Family?

Students find their way to the University of Idaho by various routes. My first stint at U of I was via the National Student Exchange from Illinois State University.

Lucille Pederson Hardgrove, 95

1941 Alumna Keeps Physically and Fiscally Fit

Dr. Lucille Pederson Hardgrove, 95, goes to the gym every day to keep physically fit. And—to keep fiscally fit—she uses appreciated stock to make her annual gift to the University of Idaho.

Joy Irving

The Joy of Giving

No one experiences the joy of giving back to her alma mater quite like Joy Irving ’64. A native of Moscow, Idaho, and a first generation college student, Joy received much love and support from her parents.

Larry and Kaye Knight

Their Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT)

Like so many U of I graduates, Dr. Lawrence L. “Larry” Knight and Kathryn A. “Kaye” Laven met their future spouse while students here.

Gene Luntey ’43

It All Started at U of I

I could not have had a better career or personal life, and it all started at the University of Idaho, Gene Luntey ‘43 said.

Linda Marler

Sowing More Than Wheat

Growing up in Caldwell, Idaho, Linda Marler ’75 was encouraged by her family to pursue a college degree.

Dayal Meshri

Living Examples of Idaho Inspiration

When he was 11, Dayal Meshri and his family were among the 25 million people displaced when British India broke into the separate countries of India and Pakistan in 1947.

Dr. Jo Anne O’Donnell ’61

The Vandal Fight Song Legacy

She doesn’t remember exactly how old her father was when his song became the official University of Idaho fight song.

Rich ’71 and Marion ’78 Patterson

The Vandal Family That Gives

When Rich Patterson ’71 got on a plane from Newark, New Jersey, with a final destination in Moscow, Idaho, to study fishery biology, he had no idea what he was in for.

Ron Perez

Transformative Experience for ’50s Alumnus

For Ron Perez, attending the University of Idaho in the ’50s proved to be a transformational experience in his life.

Nick and Sharon Purdy

Land Donors

The Purdy family legacy predates Idaho’s statehood. Leonard N. “Bud” Purdy’s grandparents, who raised Bud and his siblings, homesteaded in what is now Picabo, Idaho, in 1883, six years before Idaho became the Union’s 43rd state.

Ginger Rankin ’06

A Theater of Opportunity

Ginger Rankin ’06 provides opportunities for minority college students through an estate plan that supports the Ginger Minor Rankin Scholarship Endowment.

Bob and Marcia Ross

Bob and Marcia Ross, ’71

Rooted in Vandal Country, Growing the Future

“My education from U of I taught me to solve problems. I wouldn’t trade that education for anything.”

J.D. Rowell

J.D. Rowell Scholarship Supports Global Agribusiness

The University of Idaho is proud to partner with loyal donors like J.D. Rowell to ensure a globally-based agricultural education is available to U of I students, both in the state of Idaho and abroad.

Gary and Carolyn Strong

Why We Chose to Invest in U of I’s Future

Graduating from the University of Idaho in 1966, graduate school and my career path took me away from Idaho.

Dennis and Debra Ujiiye

Reaping From the Past to Sow For the Future

Dennis Ujiiye ‘70 and Debra Murata ’73 met at the University of Idaho in the fall of l969. Dennis was raised on a farm in Nampa, Idaho.

Shirley Wentz

Longtime Treasure Valley Teacher Leaves Legacy at U of I With Scholarship Endowment to Support Future Educators

1,500 unsharpened standard No. 2 pencils laid end to end stretches just about 938 feet, or just over two and a half football fields.

University of Idaho Students

Students Thank You Video

University of Idaho students thank those who support, inspire and make their futures possible through philanthropic gifts to scholarships and programs.


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